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Name:Slashing Jane
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Jane Austen related slash.

information & rules
This comm is for Jane Austen slash. Boyslash, girlslash, doesn't matter so long as its slash and its Jane Austen. Same goes for whether its the novel, a specific television series or a specific movie adaptation or a crossover. Lost in Austen and Becoming Jane and Miss Austen Regrets are all perfectly fine. Fanfiction of your favourite pairing, icons, meta on why there love is so true (or whatever it is that it is in you to write), picspams, anything else it's all good, so long as you follow our few rules and it meets the basic slash and something to do with Jane Austen requirements.

Created and moderated by aryas_zehral. Feel free to PM me if you have any problems.


1. Please give ratings (esp. if its Not Safe For Work) and warnings (where appropriate) for fic/art/etc. Please don't warn for slash. The implication there is that relationships between two people of the same sex is something that should be warned for and its really not. No more than het is something people should be warned before.
2. No more than three teasers icons outside the cut or link to your journal. If the image is bigger than 300pxl x 300 pxl please make a thumbnail and link it. Same with vids or picspams.
3. Don't bash, don't flame, don't make personal attacks. Respect each other or at least fake it if you can't actually respect each other. I would really prefer this to be a safe space where we can be comfortable squeeing over pretty people.
4. If you have any suggestions, questions or need a tag added please ask for them at this post.

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